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About Melancholianna

Melancholianna APK is about Venturing on an adventurous journey through an ancient, deserted tower filled with traps and challenges that await players. This gripping adventure game, initially developed by Zigzagz pro for PC in 2021, has now found its way to mobile, much to the anticipation of eager gamers.

Transporting players to an ancient world, MelanCholianna follows the story of Lianna, a princess kidnapped by sinister creatures and confined in an abandoned tower fraught with perilous traps and mutated adversaries. The story revolves around Lianna’s journey and the tough challenges she encounters.

Despite its seemingly straightforward premise, MelanCholianna Mobile poses genuine challenges that require players to navigate intricate levels repeatedly. It has an immersive experience where the game wants you to take a daring escape from a tower swarming with scary creatures, revealing surprises along the way.

MelanCholianna combines both puzzle-solving and shooting mechanics, throwing players into the role of Melan on a quest to find his twin sister, Cholianna. The game evolves into a world with mysteries and challenges, featuring encounters with various monsters. Developed by an indie developer, MelanCholianna has gained widespread acclaim, emerging as a popular game in the market.

Melancholianna, a puzzle-adventure game from Clouded Leopard Entertainment, takes players on an emotionally charged journey through a surreal and melancholic world. Notable for its finely crafted art style, persuasive storytelling, and integrated challenging puzzles, the game receives recognition for its unique atmosphere.

Apk NameMelanCholianna
Size675 MB
DeveloperZigzagz pro.
GenreRole Playing
Compatible/RequirementsAndroid 9.0, Android 8.0,
Android 7.0, Android 6.0,
Android 5.0
Updated5 February 2024
PriceAbsolutely FREE

Features Of Melancholianna

Embark on a Mysterious Journey:

Challenges and Creatures Await! Step into the intriguing realm of Melancholianna APK, where you awaken as a young girl in an unfamiliar and enigmatic place. Simply navigate through the mysteries and find your way out. However, the path is laden with intricate puzzles and ominous creatures that require your wit and courage. Traverse expansive areas, including rooms and other spaces, collecting essential items along the way to craft bombs for confronting formidable monsters. Melancholianna Mobile APK boasts a visually appealing aesthetic and delivers a gameplay experience reminiscent of classic 90s video games, featuring simple actions like walking and item interaction to ease newcomers into the adventure.

Game Mechanics

MelanCholianna’s gameplay stands out with its distinctive and captivating mechanics. Players assume control of the main character, guiding her through diverse environments, each presenting unique challenges and hazards, including treacherous traps. The game unfolds across multiple levels, punctuated by various checkpoints, ensuring a progressive journey.

Game Mechanics

During exploration, players interact with the environment, characters, and objects, discovering clues to understand the story of Lianna better as she is the main protagonist of the game.

The brilliance of the game lies in its traps and concealed secrets, requiring players to exercise judgment and decipher clues guiding Lianna to the next checkpoint. Utilizing various tools, players must solve puzzles, combat creatures, and surmount challenges.

Game Soundtrack

At the heart of MelanCholianna lies its exceptional music, offered as a complimentary element. Original compositions, thoughtfully crafted by the developer, enhance the gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the game’s background music, complemented by in-game sound effects such as explosions, monster roars, and ancient machinery noises, fostering an immersive atmosphere. Notably, players appreciate the charming details of the main character, featuring a sweet voice and endearing expressions.

Engaging Puzzles

Melancholianna Mod APK integrates captivating puzzles, challenging players with mind-bending problems that demand careful thought and attention. These puzzles ensure a dynamic and ever-interesting gameplay experience, with each solution bringing you closer to escape and triumph.

The Quest for Escape

Melancholianna offers a compact yet enjoyable gaming experience with horror elements, centering around solving clues for escape. Intriguing locations heighten the anticipation of what unfolds next in this mysterious world. As you advance, the levels and puzzles intensify, requiring you to delve into the developer’s mindset to determine the optimal escape strategy. Despite its basic 2D design, the game boasts impressive visual and gameplay qualities that captivate players throughout their journey.”

Requirements For Melancholianna APK

For Android:

The minimum device req is currently recommended for Melancholianna on Android are the following:

Mobile OSAndroid
VersionAndroid 4.3 or High
GPUSnapdragon 410 or 412 (GPU Adreno 306) or Higher

For IOS:

The minimum specifications currently recommended for Melancholianna on iOS are the following:


Requires iOS 9.0 or later


Requires iPad OS 9.0 or later

iPod touch

Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

RAM – Min 2 GB RAM

How To Download & Install Melancholianna APK

Since Melancholianna APK is not available in the Google Play Store or APP Store, the only way to download it is from the 3rd Party website. You can download the APK file from this website as it’s safe to use. If you’re looking to download and install Melancholianna via Melancholianna APK, this step-by-step guide for download and installation of BGMI APK will be of great help to you:

  1. Go to Google > Search for
  2. Click on Download Melancholianna Apk> Download APK
  3. From the Download page, you can download the APK.
  4. Allow unknown resources (Next Section as Guide)
  5. Search for the APK file. Click on Install
  6. Go to the Home Screen, Click the game icon, and play the game.

How To Install Melancholianna Apk

However, the app is not currently accessible through the Google Play Store. To install the application, follow the outlined steps below:

Step One: Enable Unknown Sources

  • Navigate to your device’s settings menu.
  • Access Security Settings.
  • Locate and select the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.
  • Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.

Step Two: Install the Lost Life APK

Proceed to download the APK onto your device. Once the download is complete, follow the subsequent steps:

  • Locate the downloaded APK folder using your file manager app.
  • Upon finding the file, tap on it to access installation options.
  • Choose “Install” to initiate the installation process.
  • Allow some time for the installation to complete.
  • Once finished, the app will be successfully installed and ready for use.

Melancholianna For PC/Windows

To enjoy the Melancholianna game on your PC, you’ll need to set up an Android environment, and various Android emulators can facilitate this. In my suggestion, Bluestacks is a user-friendly and free option. Alternatively, Ldplayer is also a viable choice.

For those eager to experience Melancholianna on a laptop or PC, and facing difficulties, it’s important to note that there isn’t a dedicated software designed explicitly for playing Melancholianna on computers or laptops. However, an effective workaround involves utilizing Android Emulators such as BlueStacks or GameLoop. These emulators are popularly used to enjoy the game on a larger screen. Any updates regarding the availability of Melancholianna for PC download will be promptly shared here.

Download Melancholianna for iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad)

Many Melancholianna enthusiasts have iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, and want to download the game for iOS platforms. While it’s now accessible for free on this site, it’s important to note that Melancholianna is not available on the Apple App Store. However, you can download it directly from this site without any charges.


What kind of game is Melancholianna?

It’s filled with scary slash horror elements and levels, but simultaneously wants you to solve complex puzzles & to test your hiding skills from out-of-the-world beings which are not friendly of Course!

Is it available for IOS devices?

On the Apple app store, it is not available (duh), but still, you can download the APK from here and install it on your iOS device.

Can I have Melancholianna from izigames net unblocked?

Yes, you can just visit their site and and search for “Melanchalianna” and download from there but why hassle that much when you can download it from here with one click?

Is there any mod available for it?

Currently, Yes but for older versions only, the new update does not have any mod available, but instead of unlimited everything, why not taste the win after certain hurdles? How does that sound?

Do I have to pay to play this game?

Absolutely not, it is free to play on any device.

Is it safe to play this game?

Yes, totally. You just have to install and enjoy. How convenient, isn’t it?

Is Melancholianna available on

Yes, it is. You just have to visit their site to check.

Can I play this game on PC?

Use any Android emulator that supports the latest version of melanchalianna. Moxplayer, Bluestack, and other emulators are well-built to play this game.

Can you go online with this game?

Maybe, not sure as servers for this game have been shut down and not many players play this title but you are free to try.


MelanCholianna presents a distinctive and captivating role-playing experience that seamlessly blends adventure and puzzle-solving elements. The game has a unique storytelling approach, engaging gameplay, stunning music, and thoughtfully crafted design, promising an unforgettable gaming experience unlike any other.

For enthusiasts of adventure, and puzzles, or those seeking a refreshing and exciting addition to their gaming repertoire, downloading the latest iteration of MelanCholianna is a commendable decision. The game is readily available for both PC and Mobile platforms, ensuring hours of entertainment and complete enjoyment.

If you’re prepared for a bold and unique RPG that tests your intellect and valor, seize the opportunity to download Melancholianna APK for Android today! Immerse yourself in its captivating world, where numerous surprises and discoveries await you!